Plimp | Solutions
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Addressing needs through up-and-coming solutions

Today, we see the PLIMP Airship enabling various advertising solutions, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? It provides boundless possibilities, from surveillance support and traffic monitoring, to military and DoD surveillance and operational support.


    • Heightening reach for lower costs
    • Large area for aerial ads
    • Easily visible
    • Hovers with dynamic movement
    • Safe overhead flight
    • Efficient operation
    • Cost effective
    • Superior to Plane or Blimp type engagement


    • Agriculture monitoring and inspection
    • Thermal inspection
    • Crop loss prevention
    • Fishing, wildlife, and forest service support and surveillance
    • Forest fire prevention, early detection, and operational support


    • Search and rescue operational support
    • Communications relay support for remote or disaster areas
    • Power transmission line inspection
    • Railway line and pipeline inspection
    • Survey and mapping support
    • Pollution monitoring and inspection
    • Mining Support


    • Military and DoD surveillance and operational support
    • Surveillance support and traffic monitoring for police and border patrol
    • Naval/Port inspection and monitoring
    • Search and rescue operational support
    • Payload/Supply Drop