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The NEW Model J PLIMP airship represents an innovative new class of aircraft, developed by Egan Airships.

Maximum Speed (mph)


Payload (Pounds)


Maximum Range (Miles)


Descent Speed (mph)

Plummet-proof, ultra-safe aircraft

It can carry up to 8 passengers or 2000 lbs

Smooth and quiet ride; it is literally floating on air

Best cruise speed 63 mph, with an aloft cruising time of over five hours

A range of up to 1,300 miles

Vertical takeoff and landing

Turn the engines off and the Model J gently floats to the ground

Operational costs are minimal compared to a traditional helicopter

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PLIMP Capabilities

Imagine the lift of a plane with the control of a helicopter and the buoyancy of a blimp, and you have the vision of our PLIMP Airship. A patented plane-blimp hybrid, the PLIMP Airship features dynamic wings―enabling it to hover, dip, ascend, bank, or spin―while effectively and uniquely supporting applications like advertising.

Egan Drone Division

Egan Airships and its drone division were co-founded by identical twin brothers James and Joel Egan. As kids, they flew model gliders and threw weighted balloons. It was this early interest in flight mechanics that turned into an idea. And it was this idea that turned into an innovation developed by a world-renowned aerospace engineer. Altogether, the evolution has led to our company—and our PLIMP Aircraft—as we know it today.

Intellectual Property

We are proud of our intellectual property, which includes two 14-year design patents on our recognizably distinct airship design—a noticeable improvement over traditional airship designs. Based on extensive research and investigation, it was developed to drive maneuverability and speed, more like fixed-wing aircraft. We are also aggressively pursuing international utility patents.

How can you use the PLIMP Airship?