Rising to the Challenge

Twin brothers James and Joel Egan co-founded the Egan Airships Drone Division with the lofty goal of designing a winged blimp—a vehicle with dynamic wings that would fly more like an airplane than a blimp. Having grown up with a Boeing statistician for a father, who worked with domestic and foreign suppliers to improve quality control on aircraft parts, they both took an early interest in flight mechanics.


As children they spent hours flying model gliders and tossing around weighted balloons in their garage. After learning that their idea was limited by technology, they were forced to put it on hold until improvements such as the self-navigating Google car and carbon composite aircraft construction inspired them to turn their dream into reality in 2012.


The Egan brothers subsequently took their design to Dr. Dan Raymer, an aerospace engineer widely recognized as an expert in aircraft conceptual design, design engineering, and configuration and layout. Together, they produced the plane-blimp hybrid—the true flight of imagination available today.

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