James & Joel Egan


James cofounded Egan Airships with his identical twin brother, Joel. A Seattle native, he runs a well-known law practice, and in 2013, he was voted “Seattle’s Best Lawyer” by Seattle Weekly, largely due to its growing focus on civil rights. In late 2012, he rekindled his childhood investigations with Joel by seeking to design a hybrid airship, and then filed for the PLIMP trademark. Over the past few years, the brothers have worked with consultants and other partners to develop the most reliable hybrid airship drone, realizing that it would change the world of aerial photography, sky advertising, and ultimately, payload transportation.


James graduated from the University of Washington Law School in 1998, where his focus was on intellectual property and litigation, specifically in criminal prosecution and defense. Before that, he attended Evergreen State College and Whitman College, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in 1994, with a background in journalism and astronomy.

Joel cofounded Egan Airships with his identical twin brother, James. He is a world-famous designer of cargo container buildings, as the owner of the globally renowned firm, Cargotecture. Like James, he is a leader in his field of choice, which is bringing beautiful spaces and art into his clients’ everyday lives.


Joel graduated with a master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2000.


Both friendly and approachable, James and Joel invite you to participate in the coming aerial revolution.

John Italiane


John founded INNOVA Consulting Group to support high-technology companies in successfully launching products and to establish business development strategies and alliances resulting in rapid market penetration and growth.


Previously an executive at General Dynamics, John was responsible for the development of advanced technologies and product commercialization. He also led business development for a division of General Dynamics and held other numerous senior management roles in engineering and operations for market sectors including aerospace, unmanned systems, defense, and space systems.

John has a BSME degree from the University of Washington.

Daniel Nelson


Daniel has worked for many years as the Business Manager of the Law Offices of James Egan. He provides project management, financial services, and operational support for Egan Airships.


Daniel earned two degrees from the University of Washington.

John Jerome

Marketing Manager

John has successfully marketed diverse companies, products, and services nationally and internationally for more than 25 years. He primarily focuses on business and consumer technology clients, helping launch many companies and products for AT&T Wireless, Microsoft, UPS Online, and US WEST NewVector (now Verizon).


John has extensive experience in developing strategic marketing communication plans and positioning strategies, and managing plan implementation from creative concepting to print and media placement. He has also developed programs leveraging public relations; print, broadcast, and online advertising and marketing collateral; multimedia presentations; websites; direct mail; brand identity; packaging; cross-channel promotions; product launches; and event execution. John also cofounded the technology company ImageX.


Prior to JBA, John founded Parallel Communications, a privately held company that became one of the largest advertising and marketing agencies in the Pacific Northwest.