Flying Through Time

Throughout history, aviation has evolved through major milestones. We are proud to be part of this timeline—with our unique unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).



Brothers and paper manufacturers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier invent the Montgolfière-style hot air balloon, Globe Aérostatique.



French engineer Henri Giffard invents the steam injector and the Giffard dirigible, an airship powered with a steam engine.



Brothers, inventors, and bicycle builders Orville and Wilbur Wright invent the first successful airplane.



Archibald Low, Elmer Sperry, Peter Hewitt, and Charles Kettering develop radio-controlled UAVs to be used as “aerial torpedoes” against German targets in World War I.



Aircraft engineer Henrich Focke invents the helicopter.



Brothers James and Joel Egan, an attorney and an architect, invent the PLIMP Airship. The patented plane-blimp hybrid marks the first air vehicle class invented since the practical helicopter 81 years prior.