Designing Down to the Last Detail

The following specifications for the PLIMP Airship are estimations, pending verification during flight testing. During the commercialization phase, we will further refine the design, and select the data link and flight control system.

Length 28ft
Diameter 7ft
Weight 55lbm
Endurance 1 hour at cruise speed with 5lbm payload
Cruise Speed 30mph
Maximum Speed 40mph
Takeoff and Landing Capability Vertical
Flight Options Forward Flight, Reverse Flight, Hover Capability
Electric Motors with Shrouded Propellers N/A
Power Lithium-Ion Rechargable Batteries
Visual Operation LOS
Visibility Range 3 miles
Power-Off Descent Speed 9mph
Payload Interface Universal
Range Up to 20 Miles

The PLIMP is in the process of FAA approval and should be registered by the FAA under the Small Aircraft Regulations (Part 107). Exemptions for FAA approval to operate over people and at night are also in process.