Showing Scenes of Innovative Flight

Watch our PLIMP Airship in action in these videos:

Cinematographer Mike Kirsch did the on-site filming for these commercials.  The other videos were submitted as part of a contest to work with the raw material that Mike Kirsch had already filmed, hence the apparent redundancy of some language in the commercials.  James and Joel Egan personally selected the following winners of the contest in October 2017, and made the noted awards:



1st Place:       Katelyn Wright  $2500

2nd Place      Joel Desile   $1500

3rd Place       Zachary Cook (tied) $500

3rd Place       Brian Knight  (tied) $500

Honorable Mentions:

Britney Rosa $250

Destiny Welch $250

MH Hatzel $250

Talia Anderson $250

Caleb Tineo $250

Halcyon Simmons $250